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Make a Believer out of You!

Inspiring YOU… to “DELIVER the SPIRIT”
in Families, Church, Ministries, Organizations and
Communities Around the World



SPEAKER: Jory Rolf, Biography


Jory Rolf, is the Founder and Director of Make Believers International Enterprises, Make Believers International Ministries, DisciplesQuest International Ministries, Ozark Mountain Legacy, and AIM Around the World. Jory received his Bachelor’s Degree in Education from the University of Wyoming and, after teaching for several years, began his nationwide ministries.

Make Believers International Ministries equips families, communitites, churches, ministires and individuals to “live out their God-given Legacy” through intentional discipleship and living out core values.

Make Believers International Enterprises operates as the Rolf Family's "tent-making" business, enabling them to continue serving in ministry opportunities. Make Believers Family Players includes the Rolf children in family and music ministry.

DiscipleQuest International Ministries, indentifies individuals, families and teams that have the heart for disicpleship, training and equiping them to "make believers to make disicples" in our needy world.

AIM Around the World, disciples young people and families through creative evangelism, mission work and Biblical studies.

The Ozark Mountain Legacy, beginning in the Branson, MO, indentified the area's Mission, Vision and Core Values, through a citizen-led initiative. The Legacy's goal is to be intentional in helping communities, families, organizations, ministries and churches identify their God-given Legacy and become purposeful and intentional in living it out and passing it on to the next generation. As a result, Jory also launched The Legacy Youth Institute in Ozark Mountain Country - designed to train young leaders in the area's Core Values of Championing Family, Faith, Friends, Flag and Future. Jory is now available to train other communities and organzaitons to identify and develop their own LegacySTEP process.

The Rolf Family lives in Branson, MO where Jory is involved in many community efforts and activities, including the Legacy Core Catalyst Team, the Adoration Parade Committee, the Legacy Youth Institute and Legacy University. Jory's passion is to "make believers" out of every individual and organization that God brings across his path.

Jory, his wife Tess and their five beautiful children, Banner, Nation, Anthem, Justus and Honour call Branson, MO their home as well as their Headquarters for their International Ministries.


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"And you will be My witness in Jersusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth." ~ Acts 1:8

Are You Ready...

lifestep button lifetsep to be Christ's Witness...

Equipping individuals to take their "LifeSTEP" and be His witness in every area of their life...
familystep ghm ...in Your Jerusalem

Training Families to identify and live our their Mission, Vision and Core Values. Family Ministry Discipleship.
faithstep aimstep ...in Your Judea
(Faith Community)

Identifying Your Ministry Calling in your Faith Community... "Setting the example for the Believers." Creative and hands-on Ministry/Missions Workshop Training available.
culturestep LegacySTEP ...in Your Samaria

Impacting Your Community and Culture for Christ. Whether at your job, in your school, community or in the general public... learn how to make the greatest impact to effect culture for eternity!
disciplestep DiscipleSTEP ...to the Ends of the Earth

Being His Witness... to the Ends of the Earth. Discipleship is the key making true believers to make Disciples...



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