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Make Believers Institute Workshops


Workshop Title Workshop Description
Cultivating True "Community" within Your Ministry Philippians 2:1-5
Learn the stages to achieve and maintain true "community" in your minsitry team. Also identify the behaviors and attitudes that "break community" and keep you from collectively experiencing God's full potential in service together. MBI will train you to keep your ministry beyond the "pseudo community" stage as you unleash the power and peace that Christ promises when "true community" is achieved in your ministry team.
Your Team on Mission: Finding Your Unique "Mission" MBI, an international ministry, created with families in mind, has been training up the hearts and minds of homeschool families to share their faith in a unique , bold and creative way for over 15 years. Learn how your team and families can minister together, instilling a heart for missions, ministry and an other's focused attitude. Biblical Discipleship, Creative Evangelism, Service Projects, hands-on ministry opportunitites can all be a part of identifying your ministry.
Excellence Evangelism: A Call for Families to Lead by Example in a World Moving Away from God Drawing from over 15 years of expereince in working with and challenging families and young people across the country and around the world, the Rolfs provide and exciting and fresh new way to combine family and evangelism. Believing that Christ called us to "set the example" (1 Tim 4:12) in every area of our lives, Jory challenges parents and youth to purposefully living out the Gospel through our "lifestyle" as we walk an "impossible, no other way to explain it, expect for God" kind of walk - that continually points to Him!
Biblical Discipleship  
Servant Leadership  
Biblical Studies  
Creative Evangelism Training  
Spiritual Maturity/Growth  
Strategic Planning  
Board Development  


* all curriculums can be offered for individuals, families, churches, teams, organizations and/or communities

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